Sunday, February 5, 2017

Coaching Spots Available!

It's Super Bowl Sunday here in the US and I am taking a break before I eat too many nachos to let you know that I have some coaching spots available for February and March.

Why would an allergy parent need coaching you ask?

I've been coaching allergy parents for a few years now. It's been super rewarding to help create strong advocates for food allergic kids and their families.

Well, more and more, I had been getting emails from parents who need my help with managing food allergies in their lives..  Creating an action plan for parents new to food allergy was the logical next step in my mission to help those struggling as much as I did when Bella was first diagnosed (she's 12 now, can you believe it?).

My goal is to help families new to food allergies cope with the avalanche of information, questions, and anxieties that inevitably go along with being 'food allergy' parent.  I'll help you navigate the changes that need to take place in your lives and how to deal with things like doctors, anxiety, label reading, entering/surviving school, babysitters, special events, and those 'well meaning' family members who offer lots of advice.

At the end of our work together you'll feel more empowered to manage those food allergies (and not let them manage you)!

Sessions will be in-person and/or over the phone/Skype and will include scripts, articles and information packets to guide you each step of the way to becoming a strong food allergy mama/papa.

Does that sound like something YOU need?

If you are interested in coaching (food allergy or otherwise), or if coaching sounds like a great fit for someone you know, please email me at or book a complimentary consultation via the button below.

What have you got to lose?  Contact me to get started.


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