Friday, June 8, 2012

Peanut Allergy Product Review: Allermates

I think this smile says it all, yes?
Last week, when I got home, at my door was a big box.

I LOVE big boxes (and I cannot lie)!

It was from a company called Allermates - they sell products that help identify your child's allergy, but in a cool way.  They make wristbands, dog tags/necklaces, lunch boxes, and shirts.  The company was started by (what else?) an allergy mom.  Here's what they are all about:

"With allergies on the rise and many of my friends and family members facing similar issues, I realized that there was a great need for kid friendly allergy awareness products. I decided to create products that would not only help protect kids with allergies, but ones that would also make them feel good about themselves regarding their allergies. Products that were fun, colorful and, let's face it "cool". I noticed how most kids I knew, including my own, were absolutely fascinated by colorful characters. Next thing I knew, I was writing bios for fun, cartoon like allergen charcters that came to mind. And so P.Nutty and the rest of the gang were born. 

I'm confident that the AllerMates images and stories will appeal to kids of all ages and make them feel good about themselves regarding their allergies. Most importantly, our products will help identify and safeguard kids with allergies and give their parents and caregivers some peace of mind." - Iris Shamus, Founder

The folks at Allermates were kind enough to send us the following items to review:

Bracelet - I honestly didn't know if B would be into this, but she immediately put it on and wouldn't take it off.  Ringing endorsement, right?  Every Food Allergy mama I know has had issues with their child keeping their medical id bracelet on - this one looks like it might stick.  Not heavy, adjustable to different wrist sizes, and super cute.  And great colors!

Necklace - I loved that they use a rubber necklace here.  B loved this one too since she has other necklaces just like it and this will blend in with those.

Dog Tag - These dog tags are adorable.  The characters that Iris came up with are really cute.  It's also not too big and doesn't have the big medical emblem on it that prevented B from wanting to wear her other medical id's.

Lunch Bag - They promote this as a lunch bag OR a medicine kit. It is big enough for bottle of water (or metal reusable bottle) and food for the day.  As a medicine bag it would be great, since it's insulated.  You could also put a photo in the laminated side pocket.

What I love about these products are:

  • Price Point - The prices on these items are reasonable and they wont break the bank.
  • Quality -  The quality of these products is amazing.  They are really well made and I KNOW that the lunch bag, for example, isn't going to fall apart in a week.  
  • Cool Factor - many of my issues with allergy related apparel and products is that they are WAY too cutesy.  These are kid friendly without being over the top.  I mean, look at that photo - B is at an age where COOL is everything and she LOVES this bracelet (and has made me PROMISE that she can use the lunch box at school next year).  
  • The Little Things - On the side of the lunch bag (which you can see here on the website) there's a place to check off your child's allergy, but also a place for EXTRA allergies (sesame?  coconut?  melon? no problem!).

I highly recommend Allermates to you guys - so proud of this fellow food allergy mama for creating such a great product line!

Thank You Allermates!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this review, after reading this I am going to purchase from for my allergic child. Thank you!