Monday, March 7, 2011

Peanut Allergy: Safe Camp for Kids: Camp TAG

If you live in the Joliet, IL area, Philadelphia, PA area, or the Sandy Spring, MD area and hope to give your food allergic child a normal camp experience without the worry of reactions, then check out Camp TAG, created by FAAN.

About the program:

Camp TAG is a 5-day, half-day camp for children ages 3-12 that will launch in summer 2011. It will provide a safe place for children with food allergies and their siblings to have fun with no worries about having an allergic reaction, as well as give them an opportunity to meet other children who share the same conditions and know they are not alone!
Camp TAG will provide community outreach and educational opportunities for children with food allergies, their siblings, and parents. It will be 95% fun and 5% educational with age-appropriate activities and games each day on food allergies, anaphylaxis, nutrition, the emotional impact that food allergies have on the child and family, and how to stay safe at school and at home. An educational curriculum has been designed and reviewed by FAAN's Medical Advisory Board.
A registered nurse who specializes in food allergies, anaphylaxis, and epinephrine administration will be onsite at all times at each location.  An allergy-friendly snack will be provided, along with water.

The price is pretty great too (well, compared to SF Bay Area summer camp costs).

How I wish there was a Camp TAG near us this summer!

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karen Harris said...

Wow what a great idea I wish we had them over here in Australia, Perhaps its something I should start looking into! if anyone lives in Australia and would be interested in maybe getting this started please visit me we need to raise the awareness over here. Thanks Karen