Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Peanut Allergy: Skin Prick Testing (SPT) coming soon.

B is going for her annual allergy checkup next week. 

I think we'll have a skin test (like we do every year).  And, like every other year, I'm sure she'll fight it.  Can't say I blame her - according to my sources (my mom and my husband) those things ARE NOT fun.  Itching and not being able to scratch for 15 minutes?  NO THANKS.

I think I'm at the stage where I'm not even getting my hopes up that it will be a negative reaction.  Because if I get my hopes up, I'll just be disappointed when that dreaded pink bump surfaces.

Can you tell I'm having a pity party today? 

B keeps insisting that even if she has a negative skin test she absolutely WILL NOT eat peanuts or peanut butter for an in-office challenge.

How did I get such a hard-headed kid?  Oh, wait, she's just like me. :)


Tara Zinna said...

Does B say her skin test hurts? Ava hates her peanut test because she says it hurts-- not itches, but hurts. And that thing is HUGE. Poor kiddos. Good luck!

HannahsMomma said...

We haven't had a second skin test since the first original test 2 years ago(following anaphylaxis from PB M&M) and we have an appointment later this month. I made it because sometimes she she will say other foods make her throat hurt--but its never the same food? And its never more than a sore throat. Who knows! Guess I just want to make sure we aren;t dealing with anything else in addition to the LT peanut allergy. I wish you luck on your daughters SPT!