Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Little Facelift....

I'm updating the blog a bit - freshening up the look of things around here so bare (or is it bear? i always confuse those two, like it's and its) with me while i play around with color, background images, etc.

Our summer is rolling along nicely. Skateboarding camp starts tomorrow. I'll be hanging around for that one - 3 hours a day this week in the sun, watching cute young men (seriously, they are adorable and polite which gives me hope that manners are still alive somewhere) teach my daughter how to 'drop in'. Luckily I have an iPad so i can actually work while I'm hanging out in the park.

Next week is rock climbing. Have I mentioned that I'm raising a little tomboy (well, a tomboy who plays with polly pockets, but she'll deny that to the end)? I'm not sure if skateboarding will stick or rock climbing for that matter, but i'm so proud of her that she'll try anything and that's she SOOOO active. She's quite a character. I know I tend to write about the stressful stuff on this site, but man is that kid wild and wonderful!

But she's still an allergy kid. The online allergy community sent around this link recently, and it's a keeper. If you haven't seen it, get a tissue (or 5) ready.

That was a doozy, huh? While B isn't at this stage, she exhibits some of the anxiety you see here. The nerves are definitely starting to show and just yesterday we were at a birthday party and even though I was adamant about the cake being ok, she just would not eat it.

But we made it through a whole year of Kindergarten! A few close calls, but NO reactions.

I call that a success. Her principal did too, and wants to make sure we put the same system in place for first grade (I know some of you out there might find the fact that a principal is actually working with a FA parent to be unbelievable).

Now we'll do our best to make it through the summer without any reactions.

And that's another reason why I'm going to hang out at the skate park with B tomorrow. Teenagers teaching skate lessons probably aren't up to date on allergic reactions or how to administer an epi pen. But I'll be there, under the guise of 'hanging out in the park, working'. I really DO want her to fly on her own, but it ain't happening yet. She's an incredible self-advocate, but she's still 5.

But isn't that what we Food Allergy Mamas do? Hover a bit? Think of every scenario that could happen and try to anticipate every physical and emotional hiccup?

I would do anything for that kid. Just like you guys would do anything for yours.

They are SO worth it :)


p.s. i have no idea what 'drop in' means - but i've heard the kids say it so there you go.


Kathy Chilton said...

I came across your blog recently and have really enjoyed it. I am the mother of two (yes, two) peanut allergic teenagers 16 and 18. We discovered it when they were 18 months old and have lived this for a long time! I just wanted to let you know that it does get easier as they get older. You try not to hover too much and it is hard to let them go on their own, but it happens! You have to raise them in a 'peanut-full' world, not a peanut-free world. we've had some close calls, along with the anxiety you talk about, but just keep on making your own snacks and baked goods - believe me, my kids' friends love coming over because i always have something homemade!

Good luck to you - peanut allergy sucks, but we'll get them through!


Anonymous said...

Total tear jerker ESP while pregnant. I have been on bedrest for 7 weeks and had to give up the total control I had over my PA 3 yo daughter because I'm stuck in bed. Thankfully her dad has a close eye when they're out but I felt helpless. Over time the anxiety has lessened but I still worry. We are embarking on preschool in august and that's a whole new stress to come. Thankfully we found an entire school district that is "peanut safe". So I hav fought hard to get her in there. I hear kinder will b an even bigger fight w/my home district. Anyway. Thanks for your blog it has helped a ton!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

My boys would be sooo jealous of skateboard camp and rock climbing. You are the coolest mom ever :)