Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Being Prepared

The company I work for is pretty great. Sure, I bitch about work like the next guy (or gal), but in the big picture I have it pretty dang good. I work at home, work 4 days a week, and have a creative job (web site producer).

And the benefits are phenomenal.

An added bonus is that every year my company pays for every employee (who wants to) to be certified in 1st aid, cpr, and aed training.

We had our training last week and I was really happy to see the time they spent on identifying and treating allergic reactions. One thing I did laugh a little at was that they said that people with allergies always carry their epinephrine and can self administer it.

Sure, I thought to myself, sure they do. When they aren't breathing - is that when they would be self administering it?

Maybe I'm just thinking about 5 year olds. Do adults actually self administer?

Still, they spent about 20 minutes on the section.

Oh, and I hope noone at work ever has an allergic reaction. Watching my fellow employees with trainers was frightening. I think most of them would have self injected themselves.

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