Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Peanut Allergy Friendly Snacks While Flying: US Airways

When we went to San Diego last month we stopped by to visit my brother and sister-in-law. I LOVE them and wished they lived closer (but that's another post on another blog, huh?)!

While we were there visiting, my little niece freaked out a little. Eyes wide, she asked her mom something I couldn't hear, sounding a little scared....

Why the nerves, you might wonder?

She had eaten some trail mix and got worried because of B's allergy to peanuts.

"Don't worry," her mom said to her, "this doesn't have peanuts or nuts in it. B will be just fine".

Of course I had to take a look. It sure looked like it had nuts in it.

But she was right. It was Sunbutter trail mix! I'd never seen it in the flesh - this was exciting! But why did they have it??

Apparently my brother flew US Airways and in one of their snack boxes (their chicken salad one on this page) for sale they include Sunbutter Snackwave Golden Deluxe Trail Mix. I mean, their peanut policy sucks big time, but isn't this possibly a step in the right direction for US Airways??

Well, needless to say I told Bella it was safe for her and she dug in - and she loved it!

A little background: B has been given some of the 'leading' peanut free brand's trail mix and gave it the supreme two thumbs down. So did I - talk about dirt sandwich - blech. I was expecting the same from this. But again - she loved it! I think the fact that her cousin was snarfing it down helped a bit.

And then I ate some. Tasty! I've ordered a dozen from Peanut Free Planet for something like $6. Totally worth it. These will be great for road trips, lunches, snacks, and field trips. (If you are interested, I also bought some quaker oat granola bars from Canada that are peanut free and some enjoy life chocolate chips - yummy!).

My brother flies alot on US Airways and had another bag that he kindly gave to B. Is he a great Uncle or what?

I can't vouch that the rest of the snack boxes on US Airways are good, or peanut free for that matter, heck the snack box in question's other elements may have nuts, but if you are traveling with a non airborne reactive PA person, this might just be a snack option you can actually eat in flight.

Good job US Airways - it's a great start!


Susan Weissman said...

Know what? Last time I flew with my PA son, not only did he react to the peanuts on board (of course they had to be free so even someone who didn't like 'em grabbed two) but the plane smelled so strong! I thought "There has to be a better option." Plus I've had that mix too and I really like it....

Anonymous said...

I'm a mom from Canada who has a daughter with a severe peanut allergy. Most Dare products are made in a peanut free facility. They make good cookies (including ones sold by the the Girl Guides here in Canada)and Real Fruit Gummies. They are also starting to produce candies for the holiday seasons (Christmas, Easter, etc). Finally my daughter can have a sweet treat without worry. I don't know if you ever make it up to Canada, but if you do they are good to try.

Jenny said...

I think this mix sounds like a great option for any airline--shows how a few little changes make a big difference in the lives of allergy sufferers. Thanks for the tip!