Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Veteran's Day and serving with a peanut allergy

I am so proud of all of the armed forces in the US and around the world that work to keep us safe. Having just one day to thank you just doesn't seem enough...

But did you know that a peanut allergy (or other allergies) can disqualify you from joining the military? Neither did I!

This is from the website:
The causes for rejection for appointment, enlistment, and induction are:
  1. a. Allergic manifestations. A reliable history of anaphylaxis to stinging insects. Reliable history of a moderate to severe reaction to common foods, spices, or food additives.
At least I know B will never be drafted (har har - she's a girl so that wouldn't happen anyway).

But still. Thanks guys (and girls).


Nicole said...

My son is very disappointed that his allergy will prevent him from military service. I don't know if it's a true desire to serve or just the wish of having something he can't. He wishes he could be in the Air Force.

Lisita said...

I didn't know that either! Just recently found your blog. I'm looking forward to hearing from other moms and how they deal with nut allergies.

tstansberry said...

My daughter and I were so disappointed that she was denied because she is allergic to peanuts. She had plans to make A career out of the Air force and her dreams were shot down. She has not had an outbreak since she was 7 and we have always avoided peanuts. This is crazy that as an adult you are discriminated because of an allergy.