Thursday, November 12, 2009

Guess What's Right Around the Corner??

Christmas!!!! I lurv, lurv, lurv Christmas!

Every year we make a gingerbread house. Well, I should say that every year I used to MAKE a gingerbread house. From scratch, with sugar windows and all that good stuff.

Then I got wise. They have kits! With prebaked (and flat, uncurled) pieces! And frosting! And candy!

And then we got a peanut allergy diagnosis.

One year I got a Wilton Kit, which has a warning. I just didn't let B eat any of it (no fun).

Then last year I was at Ikea and found one. It didn't have a warning, so I went with it. They are selling them this year too (check this page, scroll down a bit and you'll see them). They are just the walls - they don't include candy, so don't let the image fool you.

I'm on the hunt for a safe kit this year. Looks like King Arthur Flour makes one and so does Stonewall Kitchen (and they even make a lobster shack gingerbread house - so cute - that's it over there on the left). I can't tell if they are safe though - gotta send some emails to find out.

Any ideas? Have you found any safe kits?


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Thanks to Food Allergy Buzz I found this one from A.J's Bakery:
There's 2 kinds. One is nut free and the ingredients are: Nut Free House Kit: Contains egg, dairy, gluten, wheat and soy.They are made in a dedicated nut free facility

And an allergy friendly one that's listed as: Allergen Friendly House Kit: It is peanut, tree nut, wheat, gluten, soy, egg, dairy, and sesame free. The are all made in a dedicated nut and gluten free facility.

Gab said...

Thanks J - I'll check it out!

Karen said...

Create a Treat has a peanut and tree nut free Gingerbread house kit and Bulk Barn has a more basic one wlls and roof no candy.

Sorry I think you can only get these in Canada.

Anonymous said...

I emailed you earlier this year around Sept. when we passed our blood test. We were not so lucky on the scratch test. I make 20---yes 20 full size houses from scratch every year, and Gary has a peanut-free decorating party. This will be our 7th year, and no I'm not insane. There is a definite learning curve and I get faster every year.