Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Labels: How Far Do You Go?

I try not to single out B with too much peanut free paraphernalia.

She has a medic alert bracelet (or if she isn't wearing that, she's got a shoe tag and a dog tag necklace), a button on her backpack, and that's about it.

I have a few cute shirts that say things like "Some Bunny Doesn't Eat Peanuts", but not much else.

I don't label her jacket. I don't have a bright colored lunch box for her that says "NO Peanuts!".

I'm not criticizing other parents for doing this. I'm actually wondering if I'm doing her a disservice by being quiet about it. But I also don't want to single her out to bullying by going overboard.

How are you all finding a balance with this? What's working for you?

How much is too much? Too little?


Karen said...

I have a shirt my allergic child wears once and a while. She has water container on her desk, with allergy message and allergy stickers for a few of my daughters food containers that she does not pack everyday.

Having allergy gear is a good thing. Having allergy gear on every object and piece of clothing takes away from the message, a choices of clothing for the child.

My Allergy Gear Contest

E-Dawg said...

I thought you might be kidding about not having a lot of paraphernalia and then going on to say all the things she does have! It seems like a lot to me considering my son has ZERO paraphernalia. He is only 3 and just started preschool, so maybe that is why. I just don't really see why it would be necessary and it is important for me to see my child's food allergies as just a part of them and not their identity so we don't wear t-shirts shouting I HAVE A MILK, EGG, PEANUT, TREENUT ALLERGY!

Nancy R said...

My daughter has a medic alert bracelet, Allergy Kids bags for her epi-pens (neon green for school, black for home), and an Allergy Kids...luggage tag thing - it's plastic, on her pink flowered lunch bag. When we ordered her epi-pen bags from Allergy Kids they included some free things like stickers, a pin, the luggage tag thing, and a neon green lunch sack. She didn't want to use the lunch sack though, and I haven't found the need to use the pin and stickers.