Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunbutter Success!!!

Just a quick post to let you all know that B tried Sunbutter (again) yesterday and LOVED it.

Last year, you may recall, B tried Sunbutter and was not into it.

I haven't talked much about this, but we're moving forward with a food challenge later this summer (I know - can you believe it?!?!?). I've been a bit concerned that B would take one look at the peanut butter and refuse to eat it. Or eat it and be so grossed out by the texture that she wouldn't move forward with the challenge. So I wanted to try to introduce Sunbutter one more time to her. Sure it isn't exactly like PB, but the texture is.

I bought a jar earlier in the week and set it out on the counter (I also bought a jar of Nutella - have any of you with peanut allergic kids let them have it? This jar was for hubs but it looks 'safe' for B I guess? - let me know what you guys have done).

Anyhoo, B took one look at the Sunbutter and said in no uncertain terms that she wouldn't be eating that. I shrugged it off. But yesterday I talked to her about the food challenge coming up. I explained that peanut butter has a funky texture and that maybe she should give Sunbutter another try so she isn't surprised at the doctor's office.

She said, "OK mom, but just a little bit." I practically RAN to the kitchen and made two Ritz crackers with a small spread of SB on each. I presented them to her on a little plate and she tentatively put her pinkie finger into one and gave it a lick.

"Blech," she said. Rats. Oh well. I started to pick up the plate.

"Wait, just let me try it one more time."

In about 1 minute the first cracker was gone.

Then the second disappeared.

Then I guess I tipped the scales a bit. Was it bad that I pulled out a jar of marshmallow fluff and made her a mini Ritz fluffernutter? Hee hee.

Now she's asking this morning for a sunbutter sandwich for breakfast.

I'm not sure who was happier about her liking it. Probably me. I think I fall into the trap many allergic moms do of trying to make up for all that I perceive B to be missing with this peanut free life. Which isn't really fair I suppose. I liken it to vegetarians who eat mock bacon (or other mock meat products). Is it really a good substitute? Is it even necessary?

But it is GREAT to have another source of protein for B. She's a skinny one (she didn't inherit this from me). She's 4 and a half and still wearing 3T pants - yikes! Don't get me wrong, she's growing on the right curve according to her doctor who's not concerned, but she could use a little more meat on her bones.


Shannon - said...

Hi...I have let my peanut allergy boy have Nutella with no issues..Nutella is great...he was tested for every kind of tree nut under the sun when he was tested for peanuts and he only reacted to peanuts...I am very grateful for this...So we can also have pecans, almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, coconuts...

Pez said...

I let my peanut allergic son eat Nutella. And I let my walnut/pecan/brazilnut/macadamia nut allergic son eat it too though he he doesn't care for it much though.

I am excited for you and B with the summer food challenge. Keeping my fingers crossed for you. And I am glad that B like the Sunbutter.

Kate said...

Congrats on the sunbutter success! We love it in our household. And while I totally get your point, I wouldn't necessarily liken it to a bacon substitute for vegetarians, because...I don't know -- it just makes more sense to me -- it's not like some artificially invented food-like product, it's just sunflower seed butter. Perhaps even better for you than pb? And quite tasty on apple slices, I might add. : )

Anonymous said...

where do you get B. ice cream? can you suggest any places for ice cream you think are most safe?

Anonymous said...

I thought Nutella had peanut oil in it?

Kay in La

Gab said...

Kay - It used to have peanut oil, but it no longer does. You can check the Nutella site for confirmation.

Anonymous said...

I saw the comment about fake bacon and vegetarians. This type of comment seems to assume that vegetarians do not like meat. Actually, that is untrue. Most stopped eating it after health or ethical reasons.
Some meat substitutes are good substitutes. Not all are tremendously artificial either. They are made from processed soy. Gluten, tofu, and tempeh are not artificial at all.
Regardless, they provide something chewy and protein-rich.