Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not so Easy Bake Oven...

So B's 4th (yes, can you believe it?!?!), 4th birthday is coming up in a little over a week.

She's been asking for just about everything. If you have a child who watches TV (yes, I'm a terrible mother who lets her daughter watch Spongebob - what do you think she's going to be for Halloween?) then you know what I'm talking about. Every commercial that comes on garners the following:

"Mom, I want that!"


"Mom, we NEED to go to Chuck E. Cheese's, where a kid can be a kid. You can relax and have a salad there you know!"


"Mom, if I promise not to wear makeup can I have a Bratz hair curler set?"

You all think I'm joking about the last request. B's what you call 'a verbal child', so things like this really come out of her mouth. I wont tell you what she said when she walked in on Mark going to the bathroom last week. I know, TMI!

Well, for B's birthday we told her she could have 4 presents, since she was turning FOUR. She thought that was really neat. So the last few weeks have been spent discussing the finer points of Baby Alive vs. Barbie, race cars vs. hotwheels, and transformers vs. spiderman (did I mention she's into boy type toys as well?).

At the top of her list was this cupcake maker. Think Easy Bake Oven without the oven. Basically you make the mix, put it in a cupcake mold, and microwave it. B loves to cook with me (she even uses a knife under my supervision) and even though she's younger than the recommended age, I think she'll do just fine with it. Plus, there's no bulb like with the Easy Bake Oven (i.e. no way for B to burn the house down), so it was the best and most excellent choice for her.

But there's a catch. There's ALWAYS a catch with Peanut Allergy, now isn't there? Like Easy Bake Oven Mixes, this brand's mixes ALSO have a 'may contain' warning. Here's the actual wording:

"Allergy Information:
Consumers with food allergies or other sensitivities, please review the ingredients carefully.
All ingredients are wheat free, gluten free, nut free, peanut free, and trans-fat free. All mixes are packaged on equipment that process wheat, milk, egg, soy, and sulfating agents. May contain traces of peanuts and tree nuts.
Major allergens: milk and egg.
May contain soy."
As our good friend Spongebob would say: "Aw, Barnacles!". And can I just add that warnings like this suck. All ingredients CANNOT be peanut free if there could be traces of peanuts in the mix.

So what's a Peanut Free Mama to do about these peanutty mixes?

Google it!

Turns out those fancy mixes for the Easy Bake Oven can be easily replaced by cake mix and milk. Oh, and here are 57 other mixes for you to try as well. Granted, these are for the EB Oven, but I'm betting a variation will work for us.

Who knew?

So we'll adapt the recipes for the cupcake maker she's getting. I don't think she'll know the difference.

I'll let you know how her Carnival themed birthday party goes. Have I mentioned how I tend to go overboard when it comes to parties? Can't just have a cake and punch around here, no sir. I'm going to try to use some restraint, but, darnit I LOVE a good party, especially one with a bouncy house.

Any other toys you've run across with allergy warnings?


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Oh I got slightly excited when I saw the wheat free/gluten free but then all the cross contamination and may contain and DOES contain egg and my excitement faded. Poo! That would have been cool for J, but oh well.
I hope she had a wonderful birthday and loves her cupcake maker with special mixes :)
Oh and thanks for the pins! They came the other day and are totally cool :) :)

Elaine said...

Love the info on the cupcake maker and mixes, thank you.

Angela: mom2girlsgirlsgirls: said...

Good luck with your easy-bake-oven-whatsit. No bulb? Bonus. Ours had a bulb and we used it exactly one time.

Enjoying your blog & sorry that you're dealing with allergies.

Happy party!

Patty said...

Thanks for posting this one. I had just told my daughter yesterday that she could not have an easy bake oven because I expected all the mixes would be unsafe.

Never thought to look on the internet for teeny tiny easy-bake sized recipies! Duh!

Santa is bringing an easy bake this year!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the peanut-free easy bake oven recipe information. My daughter has wanted one for a long time and didn't understand why Santa couldn't make peanut-free mixes for her! She knows my EBO was one of my favorite toys as a child. She and I were both sad that she couldn't have one. She's going to be so excited this year!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your blog my Dd just turned four also and low and behold one of her gifts was an easy bake ..she was so excited for she loves to cook then I read the labels...I thought oh my what to do what to do.. then I found you thanks for the recipes. Now we can bake the peanut free way!