Friday, September 26, 2008

And it is!

I'd seen ads for So Delicious Coconut Milk Yogurt and was dying to try it. Not because B can't have dairy or soy (but I know many of you are dealing with a dairy and/or soy allergy).

You see, I have a little what-you-might-call 'addiction' to anything coconut.

Mounds Bars? Check.
Green Curries? Yesiree.
Coconut Shrimp? You betcha.
Pina Coladas? Bring it on.
Mango and Sticky Rice? Oh lordy!

Heck, I even went through a huge bag of coconut jelly bellys each week when I was pregnant with B. And who doesn't love the smell of that Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil?:)

So I REALLY wanted to try this yogurt. And it seemed like I couldn't catch a break and find it at my local Whole Paycheck.

But today I scored!

After spending a small fortune on paper products at Paper Source in San Jose, I headed back up the peninsula and hit my local Whole Foods for groceries/meals so my husband and daughter don't only eat ramen while I'm on a business trip this week. The store was fairly empty and the dairy manager just happened to be stocking the shelves when I waltzed into his section. I asked him about the product and lo and behold it was there, on a top shelf, in four flavors! I asked him if he'd tried it and would he recommend it? He wasn't a fan of yogurt and hadn't and couldn't (isn't that ironic that he doesn't like yogurt and he's a dairy manager??) but he told me to choose a flavor to try right there. How's that for customer service?!?

And boy did the company that makes this yogurt just gain a customer. God this stuff is good.

First off, unlike other organic yogurts, there was no separation when you opened it (e.g. no whey on top to mix in). It was creamy and smooth - no lumps or granular texture. I tried the vanilla flavor to see if the coconut was overpowering. It wasn't at all. It had a nice flavor of vanilla with a subtle undertone of coconut (and I think I could taste it so well because I knew it was in there - I think if I wasn't trying to taste it, it would have been even more subtle to me). I was worried that it would be too fatty, but it has 6g of fat (not lowfat, but not terrible). No cholesterol either.

The downside? It's almost $2 a container. Ouch! But it looks like you can sign up for coupons here.

If you are looking for a dairy/lactose/soy free yogurt (or if you are vegan and want a yogurt alternative) look no further. This is SOOOOO tasty!

You can check out their allergen statement here. They manufacture products with dairy and nuts, but it looks like they take things VERY seriously when it comes to cleaning lines and separating allergens (or else they'd have to answer to both angry vegans AND parents of allergic kids - ha ha).

*I have no ties to Turtle Mountain, the makers of this yogurt.


Amanda said...

Yummy! I am so with you about the whole coconut. I could eat it raw!

Dorm Mom said...

Isn't it amazing????? DS loves that stuff. Have you tried their coconut milk ice cream?