Sunday, September 21, 2008

FAAN Walk: San Francisco!

Saturday was the FAAN Walk for San Francisco. It was amazing. Rainy (can you believe it?), but amazing. Our support group, SF Food Allergy, had a table there. We had some super cute buttons made up (I'll post a photo soon), gave out literature, and spread the word about the support we offer folks in person on the SF Peninsula and online via our Yahoo Group.

So why was the walk amazing? You mean besides the fact that there was parking right there, even though we were in Golden Gate Park :)?

All joking aside, it was amazing to meet so many parents of allergic kids and talk with them (albeit briefly) about the challenges they face day-to-day. It was amazing to see so many allergic kids running around, having a ball, and just being kids at a party they were definitely included in and where they were safe. It was amazing to meet other allergy bloggers too (Hi Alison!). I hate to sound sappy, but it was such a unifying experience. Literally every person you met there 'got it'. I got a bit teary at times when I spoke to people.

We (I'm speaking for you Connie) were proud to be a part of the vendors/groups at the walk. They included:
  • Dey Corporation (Makers of the EpiPen)
  • TwinJect
  • Peanut Free Planet - who gave away samples of many of the products they sell and also offered caricatures of the kids - so cute!
  • Enjoy Life Foods - their new Choco Boom bars are SO good - they were giving away samples of them as well as a good variety of their other products at their table. The kids (um, and us adults) were loving the chocolate bars and cookies. I'm not a huge fan of their baked goods (sorry, just being truthful here), but I would eat their rice crisp Choco Boom bars over a Nestle Crunch Bar any day of the week. Honestly!
  • Crayon Sports Drinks - not only were the drinks tasty, the staff were wonderful too.
  • FEAST (an online East Bay support group - no link, sorry - i googled and couldn't find one. Leave me a comment if you know their URL or online group link)
But that wasn't it! There were bounce houses, face painting, balloon animals, clowns, music, hula dancers, and a Mad Scientist demonstration. Kudos definitely goes to Lynda Taschek who co-chaired the event. She did a super job and was just so darn nice! I'm looking forward to next year's walk and our group's presence there. I already have lots of ideas for next year's event (Lynda, we should talk!).

Lastly, it's not too late to join a walk near you. Visit the FAAN site for a location near you. And if you can't participate, you can always donate.

p.s. So if I wasn't totally lame and had actually charged the battery of my camera, you'd see a gorgeous shot of me and Connie at our table at the walk. Someone from FAAN took a photo, so I'll try to post it once something's live.


Billie Jo said...

This post has gotten me really excited for our upcoming Food Allergy Walk in Baltimore in a couple of weeks. Also reminded me how quickly it is approaching and we still don't have our Team t-shirts... I need to get on that. Anyway, so glad to hear yours was such a great success... because in the end, each walk is a benefit to all of us allergy families!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

So glad that you've had a great time! I've heard wonderful things about the walks. We don't have one near us or I would go. May have to make a road trip next year.
Choco Boom bars are the best!

alison said...

Hi Gabrielle,
I am posting my recap soon and was planning to say that it was nice to meet you too! :)

Denguy said...

I've linked to you as I'm slowly understanding the peanut-free world.

Freeling2 said...

Hi Everyone! I wanted to say hi to all who braved the rain to walk this weekend. I was the Broker-Extraordinaire with ....I loved to see everyone who came to our booth and all of the friendly vendors. Hopefully I will see you all again at the San Diego and Los Angeles walk.

Better yet, come see me at the website. I will be helping the schools with fundraisers and the vendors, who are join the peanut free planet family as "freelings".

Let me know directly what your freeling needs are with fundraisers and schools, even orders. We carry the EnjoyLife, CherryBrook, Dakota Gourmet and much more. We have about 180 plus products- ALL just waiting for your at PFP.

Your Broker-Extraordinaire,


Patrick M. Gee, photographer said...

Most of the photos from Saturday have been posted:

Saturday was a great success!

Much Aloha,