Tuesday, August 26, 2008

It's Breakfast Tuesday!

We went down to the Monterey Bay Aquarium today for a little day trip with Bella. It was great (crowded, but great). We got back home around 4:15 and went out for some gardening - by the time we got in it was 6:30 - oops maybe we should have some dinner!

I asked Bella what she wanted and she said - "Brefkist!" (Ok so she doesn't really sound like a two year old - she just likes to say this one word incorrectly - it's our inside joke). So I made French Toast and Scrambled eggs with Pancetta. So delicious, especially accompanied by some home made strawberry jam and yummy maple syrup. And OJ of course. Who says that having a peanut allergy means you can't eat well?

Anyhoo, when I was making the French Toast I was reminded of something my mom passed along to me this week. A blurb in Woman's Day the September 2008 Family Circle magazine about eggless french toast. A woman wrote in to ask how to make French Toast for her newly egg allergic 10 year old daughter. Their solution? Dip the bread directly in maple syrup and fry it up in a pan!

I was skeptical, but you know what? It's not half bad!?! Of course we mainly ate the French toast with the eggs, but if I couldn't have eggs then I could live with bread that's crispy and sticky with syrup.

Sound terrible? A quick Google search turned up this recipe, using tofu instead of eggs. Now which one will you try?!?

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