Monday, August 25, 2008

Nominee for...

...The Dumbest Product Ever. After watching an episode of Unwrapped on Food Network tonight, I bring you:

P.B. Slices ('The Funner Peanut Butter")
Yes, you read that correctly: slices of peanut butter. Think cheese slices - but it's not - it's Peanut Butter! They are supposed to save you time (I think) when making a PB&J for your kid in the morning.

What a genius idea, considering how unruly spreading peanut butter with a knife can be. I wont even go into the fact that this is an environmental nightmare. And it's a tad suspicious that they don't actually list the ingredients on the site. Is it just peanuts? What else is in there?

I'm not one of those folks who want peanut butter outlawed, banned, and not manufactured, and I understand that there is always room for product innovation. I've seen the little tubes of PB that athletes eat while they are training - that makes sense! But this is ridiculous. Will mayo be next? And after looking at their website, it looks like they are endorsing putting these on hot dogs - something I just can't get behind. Good Lord!

But then again, maybe this is the 'peanut butter for a new generation'! Maybe the naysayers said this about Kraft Singles? I use the Tillamook kind that isn't individually wrapped, so I wouldn't know.

I could be wrong - maybe these things will catch on (and God Bless the entrepreneur in the inventor of the much needed (?) PB Slice) but even if Bella grows out of her PA, you can bet your life I wont be buying these. My 'Californian Tree Hugger' membership would be revoked.


Jennifer B said...

It's not an a product that would have appealed to me even before life with a PA child, but I have to admit I can see how others might like it. It sounds like another convenient way to pack compare to a jar of peanut butter. Anything to make a buck.

I hear you though. When we're grocery shopping, we always accelerate to get away from the PB as fast as we can. It's disturbing to look at.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Y.U.C.K. You know it's totally processed. Even more than Jif or Peter Pan. We have become such a lazy society that we can't even be bothered to get out a knife and spread peanut butter. It's kind of sad. Even before my son was diagnosed with food allergies I REFUSED to buy those Uncrustables. That just seemed like pure laziness to me and they had to filled with preservatives and nasty things.

Jenny said...

Oh boy--if food manufacturers can find another place to stuff peanut butter or way to create it, they will. It's crazy! You could say nutty...

Peanut butter isn't even that good for kids! Nutrionally speaking, it's loaded with fat and cholesterol.

Thanks for the heads-up--one more thing to avoid! :)