Sunday, January 30, 2011

Peanut Allergy: Never Assume (again)

I was at Whole Foods yesterday getting a sandwich (which, by the way was terrible - every sandwich I get there sucks).

I was looking at all the options and noticed that I didn't see peanut butter - woo hoo! I love not seeing peanut butter on menus.

But (oh yeah, there is a but)...

I asked. B wasn't with me so I didn't need a sandwich for her, but I asked anyway.

"So you guys don't do peanut butter sandwiches here?"

You already know where this is going, don't you?

The answer:

"Of course we do! We just don't list it on the menu."


There you go. I'll never stop asking, even if it 'seems' safe.

It never ends.


Alison St. Sure said...

I was at Whole Foods yesterday and a nice woman who works in the vitamins department offered me and my girls some vanilla tea. She poured 2 little cups for them and I wondered if I should check. I decided I should and guess what: Vanilla Hazelnut!

Gab said...

So glad you asked Alison - nuts are everywhere (even where you least expect it)!

Kate said...

So - and I am honestly just trying to learn more here - what is the difference in how you behave/what you order at a place based on whether it offers Pb sandwiches or not? Are you saying that you wouldn't eat there (w/daughter), or that it would affect your instructions to/interactions with the staff?

Gab said...

Hi Kate! The issue isn't so much that they make pbjs, it's that they don't advertise that they do. Someone might look at their menu and assume that there isn't a cross contamination risk if they get a Sammie there. I wouldn't get a sandwich for B there because I've never seen them wipe the counters between sandwiches and they definitely don't clean the knives.

Now if it was the only place around and I desperately needed a sandwich for her I would ask that they wipe the counters and use clean utensils and new gloves to make ours.

I hope that helps clarify. Every parent has their thresholds when it comes to what risks they will and won't take.

It's a good lesson to always ask if there is PB around or if there are any nuts in any preparations. They show up in the darnedest of places.

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