Friday, January 21, 2011

Packing Tip, just because.

p.s. i want these bags - so cute!

This isn't a lifestyle blog, or a clutter blog, and lord almighty, definitely not a travel blog, but I wanted to share what we do in our house when we travel.

If we're going away for the weekend - and we're flying - we typically carry on, but for trips of more than 3 days it's almost inevitable that we have to check a bag or two.  I'm a woman with needs and I HATE juggling what I'm going to wear.  Maggie Mason is good at packing light; I am not.

But this has it's pitfalls.

Checking bags sucks.  I'm not a fan for two reasons: 1. the price - United is up to $25 a bag! 2. if you lose your bag you're hosed!

There are remedies for these of course.

The first being check your bag online where you'll save a buck or two.

The second is this: we usually check two bags on a trip.  In my carry on, I ALWAYS carry a change of clothes for me and B (my husband usually carries on so he's covered) and toiletries/meds.  For me it's usually a dress of some kind that packs easily.  For B it's usually leggings and tee (and crocs).  I keep all our stuff in a Timbuk2 bag like this (which they of course don't make anymore because it's functional).

And then in the two bags we check, I SPLIT our clothes between the two so there's outfits for both of us in each bag, just in case one doesn't arrive. It boggles the mind that one bag will arrive and the other doesn't, but that's airlines for you. 

This approach has already paid off once for us. My husband thought I was nuts while I was packing, but once it happened, and only one bag came down the ramp, he was a convert. 

And if both bags don't arrive? Well, at least I have an outfit for both of us in my carry on.  And frankly I don't really go places that don't have at least a Target store so I know I can go there in an emergency until our bags are found and delivered.

Again, I'm no travel expert but this is my tip.

Are you still awake?

Thank you.


Lindsay said...

What airline do you fly with your peanut allergic child? I will be flying this year for the 1st time since developing peanut and tree nut allergies. I'm a bit nervous about being stuck in a plane with people eating nuts, to be honest.

Gab said...

Lindsay, We pretty much always fly United. They do sell snacks that contain tree nuts but it wasn't a mass group of people eating nuts all at once. Since you have to buy the snacks less people eat them.