Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween is Done!

We made it - Halloween went great!  B went as Wonder Woman (here's a shot of her and my neice - they were both WW actually - B is so teeny compared to her big cousin!) and came home with a great haul of candy.  And I only had to pull about 6 pieces from her loot - the rest was safe!  I mentioned my astonishment to her and she replied "I knew what I could have so I took those from the bowls."  To which I replied "But what about these non safe ones?  How'd they get in the bag?", to which she responded "Oh, those were from the moms that just dropped one in without asking. I didn't want to be rude, so I didn't say anything."  Love that kid!

She hasn't really eaten much.  Most of her time has been spent organizing and marveling at the abundance of the candy itself.  She doesn't realize that if she doesn't eat some soon she'll be out of luck - it will mysteriously disappear soon :)

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