Monday, October 18, 2010

Some of Your Peanut Allergy Questions - Answered!

I managed to answer a few of the questions you guys have asked me (I have a few more to go as well).

Check my answers out.

And, again, ask me anything else you'd like!


Suzanne said... your blog. I am starting my own allergy blog and find yours inspiring. My boy has a milk allergy and we've had many of the same experiences you recount in your blog. Can I link to your blog?

As I am just getting started, I would love any suggestions you may have.


Thanita said...

Great suggestions. I don't know how to work the Formspring thing but I tried to add an answer (thought I was being helpful) and it created the same question with my answer below it in my account! Didn't know that would happen. Thought it would just attach to yours. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks for sharing!

Alison St. Sure said...

Great idea to have the Q & A. You do such a good job answering the questions -- what a great resource!