Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Candy Vending Machines - Beware!

A lovely reader by the name of Anonymous just left a comment on my last post (next time leave your name lovely reader - i love knowing everyone's name who comments!):
"A new concern: my 8 yo daughter went to gymnastics with a friend last night. After class, the friend's mom let the girls each get a handful out Skittles out of the candy machine--the old fashioned kind where you put in a quarter and crank the handle, and a handful of skittles pours out into your hand. They were two miles from home when my daughter somehow realized that she had bitten into a Reece's Pieces!!! She spit it out immediately and we got her Benadryl right away. She is fine. But just a shout out to other moms to be very aware of those machines."
I totally agree!  I am super wary of those machines - we had a close call a few years ago with B and we only do the toy/sticker machines now.  I'm so glad her daughter was safe too - what a scare!

Thanks Anonymous for the heads up and reminder!

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Jane Anne said...

Oh, that is a great reminder. Those machines are awful. I was at the bowling alley recently with my PA son when we saw that the candy machines had one "candy" box that was full of peanuts. Yes, peanuts. I wanted to scream.