Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Did You Think of This? Cuz I Didn't.

Image Source: Flickr User macprohawaii

I took Bella to Toys R Us after school today to buy a couple of birthday presents for parties this weekend (2 in one day - yikes!). On the way out, I gave Bella $1 in quarters to get some Skittles from the gumball machine. She LOVES gumball machines. And a small handful of Skittles is 50 cents - that's highway robbery!!! Ahem, I digress...

So she gets her Skittles and we walk out past the bank of machines near the exit. We're about 2 steps from the door (and she's jammed most of them in her mouth) and I see peanut m&m's in one of the machines. One that looks exactly like the machine she go the Skittles from.

Oh crap. Big Gulp on my part. What if last week the peanuts were in the Skittles machine? What if those Skittles in my little girl's hands are now covered in peanut dust? Argh!

I lose Peanut Free Mama points this week for that one. Bella didn't have a reaction (oh and you can BET I was watching her like a hawk for 2 hours after), but we've just crossed another treat off of our lists. It just keeps getting shorter, doesn't it?

Luckily, our nearest Fry's (yes the geek heaven) has a bunch of gum ball machines that are filled with rings, tattoos and plastic ninjas so she can get her fix of those money sucking spheres of doom.

How could I have completely missed this? It just really hits home that if you get complacent you let your guard down.

It's back up now.


Jennifer B said...

That must have been a scary GULP heart-in-your-mouth moment. See, I am so paranoid anyway because my kids catch every cold they get near, I never buy those candies in the machines because I get visions of germs and runny noses in my head!

I am glad nothing happened. And you are right, you can never be too careful! Thanks for the reminder!

Alexis said...

Thanks so much for the awareness-check!

Nicole said...

I hate it when that happens to me. Those moments of letting your guard down a bit only to have it bite you. I'm soooo glad she didn't react. We've certainly had moments like that too.

Pez said...

That is scary. I have only let my kids get gumballs out of those super HUGE gumball machines where is spins round and round before coming out. I have noticed the M&M's next to the Skittles before and it was very disappointing. One more thing that our kids cannot do. :(