Thursday, June 24, 2010

Waiters Mocking Your Food Allergies? NY Times tells you what to say...

I think this is my third post this week - yikes!

In the New York Times, Florence Fabricant answers a readers inquiry about waiters mocking her food allergies.

What do you think of FloFab's response?

For me, it was nice and succinct.  

What would you tell the reader to do?

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WendyandGabe said...

Flofab's response was fine enough, but what really concerned me was some of the comments from an ignorant public that claim that "99% of people who claim to have food allergies are just picky eaters." Yikes! There were several responses that made me shudder with horror along the line that if you can't eat what a restaurant serves than you shouldn't eat out at all and, "No one is allergic to butter." This made me think twice about trusting any wait staff or chef to make accomodations for my daughter's life threatening nut allergies.