Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Girl Scout Cookie Time!

So little miss B had her first Daisy meeting today. It's basically the girl scout that comes before a Brownie (yeah, I thought Brownie was the entry level model too).

She LOVED it. It was really cute to see all these little girls getting to know each other and learn the girl scout pledge (it came right back to me too - i think it changed just a smidgen since i was a brownie tho'). I hope she likes the experience as much as I did.

I was a little stressed about the start of this troop (this was the inaugural troop meeting) since I didn't know if B would be selling cookies. I think there might be 2 of the cookies she can have? Thin mints and Samoas I believe. So she was going to have to touch them?!?! Gah!

Anyways, I was worried for nothing. They aren't selling them (not sure if they are too young or we're too late). All that panic energy I could have focused on something else, like cleaning my bursting hall closet. Ah well.

But if you're wondering which cookies are safe for your allergic child, look no further. There are two bakeries that bake Girl Scout Cookies:ABC Bakers and Little Brownie Bakers. Each site has nutrition information for the cookies they bake as well as an allergen statement.

Find out more about Girl Scout Cookies here as well.


Lisita said...

Great info. I had no idea that some of the girl scout cookies are safe. Lucky for me the safe ones happen to be at the top of my wish list. Thanks!

Owen Michael said...

I was just diagnosed with a PN/TN allergy a few months ago & was very worried about losing my beloved Samoas! Luckily, our cookies come from the "safe" bakery so I can still have Samoas & Thin Mints. YAY!!!!!

Anonymous said...

My daughter (PN &TN allergy) is in the Daisies. Her troop did sell cookies. However, we were told no pressure and totally optional. Before the troop started, I asked the troop leaders if there was any food involved at meetings and told about the allergies. They said no problem, we were expecting that atleast one kid would have some. So they agreed no nuts and then without hesitation, they asked if I'd like to be the snack coordinator, so I can monitor this. So, I said sure.

My daugher loves it.