Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Trader Joe's - Have You Noticed?

For those of you that shop at Trader Joe's:

Have you noticed that more and more of their food seems ok for peanut allergies? I went today after dropping B off at school and found quite a few items she could have that I don't seem to remember being able to buy before.

Am I crazy? Are the fumes from the not-yet-cooked turkey making me crazy?

If you do shop there, what's your favorite item?


Lisita said...

I've noticed too and we are loving it. I crave too many items to list. We recently bought a chocolate orange to try... I couldn't believe it was safe!!!

Cheryl said...

Yes! We've noticed there is now a peanut safe hummus there when before there was a cross-contamination warning. That is very exciting since making hummus is not one of my favorite tasks. LOL. Also there was a Pannettone that was peanut-safe that floored me. Also a bag of chocolate bars! My husband was a little too nervous about the chocolate so we didn't give those to my son but it was really nice to see some dessert items there that are safe. Essentially all of the cookies are out there and I always wish it weren;t so - their cookies are delicious. But no matter - home baking and peanut free planet make sweets not a big deal for us. I just feel so glad to have all these options for my peanut allergic boy.