Saturday, November 21, 2009

Busy Saturday

I've spent the day doing all sorts of chores. Suffice it to say I feel the need to reward myself.

With these.

Vermont Nut Free Skippers.

Like m&m's except a little bigger. So good*.
"leave on the top shelf so high you need a stepladder to get them" good.

Have you guys had any other VNF chocolates? What's your favorite? I think I might need to order some more safe treats for the holidays.

*and no, they didn't send them to me or ask me to review them. i ordered some from peanut free planet a few weeks ago. they are so good.


Anonymous said...

wish they were dairy-free

Gab said...

I know - I'm sorry :(

Anonymous said...

At least Enjoy Life choc chips are dark and tasty ... mixed together with sunbutter and a smidge of brown sugar--heaven --my guilty pleasure

Tara said...

the VNF caramels are to die for. i can't have them in the house. :)