Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Birthday Parties: Hosting a Child with Food Allergies

This came through my Google Alerts this morning and I thought it was a great article to share with you guys.

Tips to Plan a Safe Birthday Party when Inviting Children with Food Allergies.

Dina (founder of which you should all check out) did a great job of giving a rational list of why parents of allergic kids worry about sending their child to a birthday party and ways to alleviate the stress for both sides. I think that these tips actually carry over to play dates as well.

How do you guys approach parents throwing the party your child is invited to? Do you all stay at the party with your child? Or do you go? If you do, what made you feel comfortable in doing so?

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Pez said...

As I write this I am still waiting for my 11 yr old peanut-allergic son to return from a birthday party. As he has gotten older he has become a great advocate for himself so I no longer have anxiety about sending him off to a party (he does still take his own cupcake and wears his epi belt). He asks the questions now about if food is safe for him to eat. I am so proud of him.

I will still remind parents of his allergy and as I mentioned, I will send a cupcake that he can eat. I also give the parents a quick demo using the epi pen trainer. Most of the parties he goes to are close friends though. I will also admit that this son was also excluded from a lot of parties when he was younger because I think the parents did not want to deal with his allergy. Sad but true. I hope the same thing does not happen with my (almost) 6 yr old who has a tree nut allergy. That is a little easier to control than a peanut one though.