Monday, February 16, 2009

Blue Bear Aware: Review and Special Offer for Readers

The kind folks at Blue Bear Aware sent me a special care package recently full of an assortment of allergy aware products. This photo highlights one of their shirts ("Some Bunny Doesn't Eat Peanuts" - so cute), a peanut allergy patch, stickers to identify allergies, and play date cards.

For those of you unfamiliar with this company, I linked to them in one of my epi pen posts (they make carriers), here's a brief description from their website:
Welcome to Blue Bear Aware, where you'll find fun and fashionable t-shirts and accessories for kids with allergies and anaphylaxis. Every product in our store is designed with your child's safety and self-confidence in mind.
The shirt they sent is excellent quality (so soft!), and B absolutely LOVES it. I had intended on getting a photo of her in it, but she's worn it almost every day since she got it (it's been in and out of the laundry a number of times and it's still looking great)! They have a variety of adorable shirts for both girls and boys - check them out here. I'm not a big fan of products that scream "Look at me! I have an allergy over here!". These are different. The shirts call attention without looking sterile or too bright and embarrassing to the wearer.

I especially like their play date cards though. Even though I would never just drop B off at a friend's house to play without a rundown of what she could and couldn't eat, an epi refresher etc, these serve as a good reminder for caregivers and, well, moms at play dates!

As a special offer for Peanut Free Mama readers, Blue Bear Aware is offering readers 10% off their orders of $30.00 or more. Place the code PFM9 in the coupon box at checkout.

Thanks Blue Bear Aware!


Anonymous said...

I agree--SOOOO cute!! But--stunningly expensive!! 36 dollars for an epi-pen holder? YIKES!!! My daughter will just hafta stick with her FAAN one. :-)

Jane Anne said...

I just posted about an interesting article: Is There a Cure for Peanut Allergies?

Angela said...

I love the patch!
I have found that even with warning signs posted all over my grand daughter, sometimes people just don't read what is on a shirt or tag.

People that don't have food allergic children seem to forget almost as quickly as they are told that your child has a food allergy. I am still looking for creative ways for us to warn others.
My husband suggested we make her a tee-shirt that says "If you give me peanuts, I will die." She has severe multiple food allergies, so our list would be extensive to put on a tee-shirt. LOL

Lisita said...

It's great to see new products that keep our kids safe, thanks for sharing!

R.Nelson said...

Also check out Bright, cheerful,colorful child friendly graphics (fish, ladybugs, fairies, to dinosaurs and cowboys...)with the message of food allergies included on each t-shirt, sweatshirt and coordinating tote bag there are twelve adorable designs in all. The company logo is on the back of each item for easy identification as well in case the child is turned around. The goal raise awareness, help the caregivers with the identification of food allergies, and have the child feel special too!ALERT CLOTHING COMPANY supports the Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network.Raising awareness can help so many children visit the website to learn more