Monday, January 26, 2009

Eat at IKEA?

I was at Ikea on Friday (don't get me started on what they must pump through the vents in that place to make you spend huge amounts of money on cheap furniture and home accessories) for some things (I was buying napkins and drinking glasses if you MUST know) and walked by their restaurant.

Now I love me some swedish meatballs as much as the next guy (or gal), but I never bring B in to the restaurant because they advertised PB&J's and frankly we just wanted to avoid the hassle of their buffet style food and the chance of cross contamination.

But I saw something on Friday that made me a little relieved. I actually read their signs and learned that Ikea uses Uncrustables at the East Palo Alto location. So I feel a bit more comfortable eating there since I know they aren't actually making them in the back - just taking them out of a box and slapping them on a plate. You could check with your local Ikea to see if they do the same.

But there's no way in heck I'm dropping her off in the ball room for kids there. Ick.


Nicole said...

I won't take my girl to the IKEA restaurant either, but I will look at it now. For the record, the kid's play zone is food free. I've talked to them several times about their policies. I think you are more concerned with the play area than risk of allergy issues, but just so you know - food is a big no no there.

Jennifer said...

I love Ikea, but I also will not take my peanut allergic son to eat at the restaurant. It is just my general rule that if there is any sort of peanut product there he does not eat there. I just don't trust the people behind the counter to take the sort of cross conatmination precaustions I would. I do like the ice cream though if I am making a trip alone. yum

Dan Johnston said...

On the topic of massive stores, Costco has very good food quality control in their "restaurants" and I have never had an issue there.

Best of Luck,