Friday, November 21, 2008


Note: I want to preface this by saying that I have zero affiliation with this company. This is just my personal experience with this product. They have not compensated me or given me free products in exchange for this post.


So, have you tried Divvies yet?

I was lucky enough to get a few free samples at the Food Allergy Walk in September. I couldn't believe how good they were! I was actually sold after the first bite.

I placed an order for a few items with them not long after and we've decided on two favorite flavors in our household: Molasses Ginger and Oatmeal Raisin.

These cookies are so good that the only way I can describe them is that you would honestly never know they were allergen free if you didn't read the label. Soft, not too sugary, flavorful with a wonderful texture (and I can't say that for Enjoy Life: I know, I know I shouldn't say that, but their cookies are, well, taste challenged and look funny - but I love the Chocoboom, so no nasty comments please).

But the taste of Divvies is amazing. If you go to Whole Foods, you may have seen the Dancing Deer brand, which are delish, but sadly not allergy friendly (they have a " Produced in a bakery that processes peanuts and tree nuts." warning). The Divvies molasses cookies taste just like the DD ginger cookies. They are that good.

I ordered a box of prepackaged cookies called the Divvies Doubles. Twelve packages of two cookies. Perfect with a cup of tea (ok, busted! i've been eating them too) or a glass of cold milk. So good!

The only so-so Divvies product for me? Jelly Beans. They look exactly like Jelly Belly's, but they just don't have the same oomph (something's just missing). But if your child has never had Jelly Belly's they'd never know what they are missing. And they don't come with a flavor guide so you don't know what flavor you are eating until it is in your mouth (which can be blech).

I highly recommend that you try Divvies out. You can order on their website, but I had a nice chat with a woman there when I called in my order. Their site has a bunch of cute sampler baskets (did I mention that in addition to cookies and jelly beans, they have chocolate bars, chips, gumballs, popcorn, and cupcakes?!?) and if you don't think the chocolate snowman on their site isn't the cutest, then something is really wrong with you :)

Now if they would just open a stand in my local mall, I'd be the happiest woman in the world.


Elaine said...

I have yet to try these, I really need too.

Loved the article today...

Jaclyn said...

Tried these in Disney for the first time, my daughter LOVED them. The chef in Animal Kingdom gave us a bunch "for the road".

Food Allergy Assistant said...

I just e-mailed Disney food services about our upcoming Disney vacation in January. The information they sent back shows that Divvies are widely sold around the park. Yeah! A treat for my son when the rest of us want to enjoy a cookie or Brownie on vacation. Very smart of Divvies and Disney to come together...

The Food Allergy Assistant

Linda Coss said...

Their chocolate chip cookies are fabulous.