Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Somebody Get Me A Doctor

You never really hear about stars and their food allergies. If I was allergic, I sure as heck wouldn't want it to be out there. What if some crazy person put something in your food?

Well, David Lee Roth (for those of you youngin's out there - he is the first singer for Van Halen) apparently is allergic to nuts. Look what came across my Google alerts today:

Ont. cops save David Lee Roth's life
Van Halen frontman suffers near fatal reaction

Two Ontario police officers have been credited with saving the life of Van Halen singer David Lee Roth - after he suffered a severe allergic reaction.

The rocker was pulled over on a stretch of highway in Oakland, Ontario on June 8 for speeding, and when cops approached the vehicle, they realized the star was in anaphylactic shock.

Roth has an allergy to nuts and was suffering a severe reaction after coming into contact with a contaminated substance. Read More.

How scary - I'm glad the cops were there to help him! Too bad his secret is out though.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I couldn't find the rest of the article, but how scary for him. I'm glad they were able to help him!!

Collegegirl said...

Glad someone could help him. Glad to hear that celebs struggle with allergies too.

Jennifer B said...

I saw this article too. I don't know how he managed to drive while in anaphylactic shock. Scary!

Pez said...

I just read today that although the anaphlaxis was real - the person was not! It was a David Lee Roth imposter!