Monday, July 7, 2008

How We Spent Our Holiday Weekend

I tell you, we're in summer mode at Casa Peanut Free. Bella's still in preschool and I'm still working, but we're making the most of the weather and any excuse for a get together and/or party when we're not stuck inside learning our ABC's or working for the man. :->

Last weekend was no exception. We made our way down to LA to visit family and catch some spectacular fireworks in Marina Del Rey.

I'm happy to say that it was another reaction-free holiday (I could really get used to this!). Our only foray out to eat was at Jerry's Famous Deli and, per usual, they were REALLY accomodating with Bella's allergy. I highly recommend them - but beware of the HUMONGOUS portions. It is definitely NOT a place for a diet.

I did want to share a neat find of mine. Before we left, I wanted to find a few activities to occupy Bella on the drive down and while we were at my parent's place. I'm not anti-tv, but I didn't want her watching tv while we were there.

I bought the obligatory crayons and packed the portable DVD player for the car. But one of my finds was a great book from the Klutz company (a girlfriend of mine used to work for them - I wish I would have taken advantage of her employee discount more back then!) called Hand Art. Basically you trace your hand and then make a picture out of the resulting shape (I've scanned a page from the book at the left - please don't sue me Klutz!).

This book was such a HUGE hit with Bella. We literally made every drawing in the book. And it comes with these little fuzzballs for the nose and tails and little googlie-eyes you can glue on. Her 6 year old cousin thought it was pretty great too. Needless to say, Nana and Grandpa had quite an 'art' collection when we left. And they could tell what each animal was, which was a bonus.

But I also saw something in this book that just made me smile so wide. Bella was doing the dog picture. In the bottom corner of each page, they show the child how to hold their hand when making the drawing. Can you see what's on that little wrist? I've blown it up so you can tell a little better.

It's a medic alert bracelet! I thought it was so neat that they included that in the photo, when they obviously could have photoshopped it out. Kudos to Klutz for keeping it in!

All in all the weekend was great. We made it down to LA on one tank of gas (and the same back up home) and that's something else to smile about. We ate way too much, I read gobs of magazines and cookbooks, and Bella wore herself out each and every night from swimming, running around, and playing all sorts of imaginary games with her grandpa.

I hope your 4th was just as good.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Glad you had a great and safe time!
That book sounds awesome. And I love that picture. It looks like the Little Man's little hand. His Medic Alert really stands out in every photo.
Hope your summer continues to be a fun one!

Sally Parrott Ashbrook said...

That is neat that they left the bracelet in. :D Someone put that in there intentionally to make kids of all kinds feel included, I'm sure.