Monday, July 28, 2008

Laptop Lunch Systems: I LOVE IT!

I have been lusting after the Laptop Lunch system for a LONG time, ever since I saw one at Whole Foods months and months ago. You might be thinking "Gee whiz - lusting is kind of a strong word when talking about a lunchbox, isn't it?". Well, you'd be wrong.

I LOVE anything that has little organizing sections. Purses with 42 different pockets for your cell phone, keys, wallet, lipstick and pens? I'm on it. The Container Store? Don't even get me started because of course I need everything they carry.

So the Laptop Lunch system was practically like heaven when it came to lunch boxes. I'd been using Bento systems from Daiso (the Japanese dollar store near my work) along with items from the Japanese grocery store. And they worked just fine.

But then I stumbled upon a giveaway at Sure Foods Living. I entered it. And I won! What luck!

We got it in the mail a few weeks ago, and we FINALLY used it this week. I am lame and didn't take a photo of Bella's lunch today, but here's what she's having tomorrow:

The photo is pretty horrendous (it's late and I'm tired), but clockwise from top left: meatballs with gravy for dipping in the orange container (and a little pick to eat them with), pirates booty, fruitabu, and sliced granny smith apple. There is a separate drink container that I'll fill with juicy water (1/4 juice to 3/4 water - Bella doesn't know the difference). Lastly, there's a mesh pocket on the inside of the bag where I put a gel pack like this to keep everything cool. It worked perfectly, as the gel pack was still cold when I took everything home today.

Today she had a bologna sandwich on white bread that I cut into little circles with a cookie cutter, some wheat thin type crackers, mini carrots with ranch for dipping, and another half of a granny smith, sliced. I don't think it's a coincidence that she ate almost all of her lunch today - I think she just enjoyed it so much with the new lunch box (you think I'm nuts, but she loves this kind of stuff already - it's in the genes I guess!).

If you're at all intrigued by this, you should definitely check out their site. And if you want some great lunch ideas, even if you don't buy a system, sign up for their newsletter (which always seems to have suggestions) or visit Vegan Lunch Box (don't be put off by the Vegan-ness of it - take a look at her ideas and if you want to add a cheese stick or a bologna sandwich then go for it) and get inspired. If you want to buy a system, you can order direct from LL or you can search for a retailer on their site.

Bella was so psyched to take this school today. Since packing your own lunch is typically a MUST when you have a peanut allergy (or other food allergy) having a system like this that your child loves helps tremendously. And when I picked her up her teachers raved about it. I even had a parent ask me about it - I opened it up right there when she asked to see the inside.

When I can remember, I'll post more lunches here for you guys - maybe you'll get some inspiration when you're stuck for something to pack in your lunch (or your kids). I'll be planning her lunch box meals more regularly now, that's for sure. If you document your kids meals (or yours) let me know so I can see what you're having too.

Thanks to Sure Foods Living (and Alison!) and thanks to Laptop Lunches.

DISCLAIMER: I know this has come off as an ad of sorts for Laptop Lunches, and I suppose it sounds like one. But this is truly just the comments of a very enthusiastic user. If you are looking for a lunch box for your child (or you!) I would heartily recommend this. I haven't been paid or asked to write this nor was this post the result of any agreements between any of us. I'm just a winner - what can I say?!? I can honestly say I would have been just as excited about the product if I had bought it myself. But rest assured, I'll be buying another for myself (and possibly another for Bella in a different color).


alison said...

Yay! So glad you love it as much as I do! And may I say that your lunch-making is quite creative... meatballs and gravy? Sandwich cut into circles? Wow, fancy. :) Thanks for the links,

Collegegirl said...

I think I need one of these! Also-I am an organizing person as well so the container store is very cool!!!

Nicole said...

First off - love this product! Secondly, have you seen this article? It is the BEST description of an ana attack I have read - great read with a happy ending for once!

Tara said...

Thanks for sharing about this. I just found one on eBay, and it's being shipped in time for my oldest daughter's first day of school next Monday! Yay--many, many thanks!

Cherie said...

I have one of these laptop lunchboxes! We have egg and peanut allergies in our house and I think if you are restricting foods (or making home made versions of commercial foods) then presentation goes a long way in making the kids feel like they are getting something special rather than missing out. is worth a look - a blog all about making lunch box food look good. There are some great links there too for buying bento ware and fun lunch accessories.

jenny said...

oh, you will love this, my dear janpanese friend got my daughter one of these.