Monday, May 19, 2008

It's a SAD World After All

We're going on a family trip at the end of the month to the happiest place on earth.

Just browsed their site last night to see if there were any character breakfasts, etc. for the kids and saw that every little girl's favorite ride (well at least in my world) is closed for refurbishment until the fall.

Aw nuts. What's a trip to Disney without a visit to a nice, cool, LONG ride in "It's a Small World"? That ride is an awesome break when you are in a hot, sunny, and crowded park.

I'm praying Bella wont notice. (I know, yeah right. kids can't remember to put their clothes in the hamper, but they certainly remember this type of stuff).

I'll be contacting the park about peanut free options while we're there. I'll be sure to let you all know if there's any exciting (or just plain informative) news about the park. We've already been a couple of times so I'm not too stressed about it, but it's always good to be prepared.


ChupieandJ'smama said...

While we're at Disney World the Pirates of the Caribbean will be closed because of "refurbishment". Oh my boys will be sad. Have a blast while you are there, even without the small world!!!

Nicole said...

We were just in Disneyland last month and Issabel and my mother were bummed about the "It's a small world" ride too. Call Chef Chris @ 714-781-3569 - he is amazing and will talk you through all the safe food options and give you helpful tips like speaking with the food lead/head chef. He is wonderful and very responsive. I was so amazingly impressed by Disneyland's knowledge on food allergies.

Nicole said... :-)

Nicole said...

oh one more last post on this, DO NOT eat at the Café Orleans restaurant (across from Pirates of the Caribbean ride). They deep fry PB & J and the fryers can have some cross-contamination.

Gabs said...

Nicole - your daughter is adorable, especially in her costume at the front gates!

Thank you so much for Chris's number - I'll plan on calling him this week.

And I knew about the Cafe Orleans from research for a prior visit - thanks for the tip though, it is greatly appreciated!

Jaclyn said...

Hi stumbled on your blog because I am looking for more peanut allergy information, my daughter was just diagnosed in January. Like are Dunkin Donuts safe? I mean I don't know of any peanut donuts or anything of that nature. So we are pretty new to this whole thing.

Not sure if you are going to Disney World or Land (I am thinking Land b/c it's a small world was open at Disney World while we were there 2 weeks ago) BUT my daughter has a peanut allergy and as soon as you walk into a restaurant tell your server and they will get the chef for you. We were mostly told to stay away from bakery items (obviously) and then at one restaurant which was a buffet, the chef took me around and told me what was off limits and there was a few things. They also have Divvies cookies and gluten/nut free brownies. Enjoy your trip! I love Disney World, we had a blast.