Sunday, March 30, 2008

Lucky Finds - My Favorite Foodie Sites

I don't know about you, but I am constantly looking for inspiration for meals to suit Bella's peanut allergy and our tastes that run beyond meatloaf and spaghetti each night.

Here are some of my long term go-to sites for inspiration as well as a few new finds.

Meal Outlaw
"Meal Outlaw is a meal calendar, tracking, and journaling site. You can enter your future meals into your own calendar, look to the calendars of other users for ideas, and comment on any meal you see. It's 100% free."

Sweet Fine Day
This is a new read of mine - but I'm totally hooked. A family in Brooklyn, starting a new food business (swoon), documents the meals they make for their family.

Serious Eats
This is where I get my food geek news on, but they also have a 'dinner tonight' feature that inspires me at least once a month. Their 'talk' section is great too.

All the recipes from Bon Appetit and Gourmet in one place, with an excellent recipe box feature to which you can save and reference recipes from the vault. Need I say more?

Lunch in a Box
This woman makes amazing bento lunches for her son. I get lots of inspiration for Bella's lunches here.

The Kitchn
Yeah, the spelling of that is right. The Kitchn is part of the Apartment Therapy family, which, if you live in a small place, is someplace you need to look at NOW. Part product resources, part recipes, part food p@rn, I keep coming back when I just can't think of what to have for din dins.

What are your favorite sites?

p.s. thanks for all the comments regarding the challenges you are facing as a peanut allergic individual or the parent of one. you gave me a lot of inspiration!

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All Adither said...

Hey, Another mom with a food allergic kid here. Just thought I'd say hello.

I'll peruse your site now.

Angie (from