Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anatomy of Peanut Allergic Easter Basket

Update: After the comments (and direct emails I got), I decided to dump the Jelly Bellys. And by dump I mean that I'm bringing them to my office to keep in my desk. Sheesh!

So mommy (aka the Easter Bunny - but don't tell Bella that) went a leeeeetle overboard on the Easter Basket this year. Check it out:

Clockwise from far left. In Basket: Easter card, Hershey's hollow chocolate bunny, sidewalk chalk, a Hershey's egg pack; On couch: Dora coloring book; Peter Rabbit story book, pens and post its; jelly belly's; Cadbury creme eggs; Cadbury mini eggs; peep filled chocolate egg; and a my little pony toy.

Whew! Not sure all that will even fit in her basket. I guess I am a lot like other PA parents, trying to overcompensate for the fact that she can't have most candy - so I overdo it by buying too much of what she CAN have. Oh well.

Ok, ok, I KNOW the jelly belly's aren't technically safe for Bella. But here's the thing. These jelly beans are for the easter eggs outside and she isn't really a fan of jelly beans. So I'm taking my chances since they aren't a 'may contain' food, only a 'made in a facility'. I know, I know - you don't need to scold me! Everything else is safe for her, though.

I figure she'll get through one of the creme eggs and be bored with the candy (just like she did for Valentine's Day and Christmas).

So what's in your kids' basket(s)?


Nicole said...

If you wanted safe jelly beans, buy the Starburst jelly beans -they are made in a nut free facility!

Anonymous said...

I have an adult friend that is also allergic to peanuts and she told me to always stay away from jelly bellys, red vines licorice and M&M's. She said she can feel a reaction if she has them.

For my son's easter basket, I ordered peanut-free candy online for the first time, I'm excited!!

Dare Real Fruit Gummies
Dare Juicee Gummie Bears
Dare Ultimate Cookies: Coconut Creme
Dare Ultimate Cookies: Maple Leaf Creme
Dare Juiced Up Strawberry Pigs

Jelly Beans
Solid Gum Balls
Divvies Chocolate Bunny

I'm also going to put in one toy.
I'll let you know how it goes!

Amy said...

I got my peanut-allergic son the marshmallow Peeps by Just Born, Hershey's solid flat bunnies and Cadbury mini eggs.

I'm glad to hear you took the Jelly Belly's out, that was my first thought when I saw them.

That's the thing with this allergy, we are always learning and can help each other out.

Pez said...

Glad you dumped the jelly belly's. They make peanut butter flavoured ones hence the warning.

I ordered expen$ive chocolate Easter bunnies from Vermont Nut-Free Chocolate (hopefully they will arrive soon and not melted). I will also buy the boys Peeps and Hershey's Kissables. And probably some "safe" jelly beans.

And this is OT but I wanted to let you know that I made Peanut Butter balls with Sunbutter and they turned out awesome! I had dh try them and he was shocked that it was not pb in the center.