Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Things You Notice: Counter Burger, Palo Alto, CA

On my lunch hour yesterday, my coworkers and I decided to check out a new(er) place in Palo Alto, CA called Counter Burger. We ended up sitting at the counter (har har - no pun intended) and proceeded to have an amazing meal - great fries (sweet potato fries and regular potato fries), onion rings, burgers. Yum!

So what does this have to do with Peanuts? Well, this is definitely not the place to take Bella as they serve Peanut Sauce on their burgers (ick - but it's an option). I do, however, want to give them a shout out on their attempts at avoiding cross contamination. One of their other menu options is a milkshake - chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, or (drum roll please) Peanut Butter! I recoiled even seeing it on the menu! But as I was eating, I looked over at the milkshake machine. It was one of those that has the stick beaters and you put the metal canister over it to blend the milkshake - there were something like 6 of them on the machine.

But over the one on the farthest right was a label indicating that the last mixer was for peanut butter shakes only.

Now, would I let Bella have a milkshake there? Realistically I probably wouldn't, but I was touched by and appreciative of the attempt at making it a safer place for PA folks.

If you're in Palo Alto, CA on California Avenue and LOVE burgers - stop by. Mighty tasty.

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