Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Peanut Allergy Product Review: Enjoy Life Crunchy Cookies!

I must admit, when I walk into my office on the one day a week I work there (yay for telecommuting!) I get a thrill when I see a box sitting on my desk!

Last week was no exception.  I had a box from the good people at Enjoy Life and it was filled with...

Crunchy Cookies!

 I was a good mom and waited until I saw B to tear these open. 

And boy did we!

It would have been irresponsible for us not to try at least two of each to make a qualified decision about which flavor we liked the best, right?

And the winner?

 Sugar Crisp!  This is a cookie that you would think was just a regular sugar cookie from any manufacturer - but it's better because it's top 8 free!!

Runner up:  Chocolate Chip.  Their chocolate chips are in it, so no wonder they are great too!

This isn't to say that we didn't love the Vanilla Honey Graham or Chocolate chocolate chip, mind you.  Those are excellent as well.

Thanks Enjoy Life for sending me these samples!

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Lindsay said...

These cookies are amazing! I've only tried the sugar crisp variety, but I love, love, loved them too. I also blogged about these fabulous cookies. :)