Saturday, November 6, 2010

Peanut Free Bakery: Zest (San Carlos, CA)

After I attended BlogHerFood last month, I was scanning the hashtags on Twitter and noticed raves coming from folks who had sampled gluten free treats from Zest Bakery at the Sunday after-picnic.

Zest is a local bakery to me, but I had never gone in.  Why?

Why else?  Nuts!

I just assumed (you know what they say about assuming things) that there would be too much peanutty stuff there, so we just avoided it.

Now I could kick myself.  After a tweet to them, I found out that they are peanut free!  Now, don't get too excited - they use other nuts and things like almond milk.  But B has the clear to eat all other tree nuts (the only ones we haven't tried are Brazil nuts (blech) and Macadamias (still can't find peanut free ones) so we went in and got a sampling of treats.

A chocolate chip cookie.
A cinnamon apple morning bun/muffin.
A raspberry chocolate chip muffin.




These are so tasty, and you'd never ever know they were gluten free.

And they have pies, and other breads, and ravioli.  I even saw a tweet a week ago about pumpkin cream puffs! 

Here's a menu. Not sure if they ship, but they should consider it.

My waistline will not be happy this holiday season, that's for sure.

If you're local to the SF Peninsula (or heck anywhere in the SF Bay Area) stop by and try them out.  It's a small bakery, but they are sure to have something you'll enjoy. Call ahead - see what they've got that day.  You're in for a treat!

Zest Bakery
1224 Arroyo Ave
San Carlos, CA 94070
phone: 650-241-ZEST (650-241-9378)

p.s. they have no idea I've written this post, so no, i didn't get anything free from them to review.  this is just a happy customer!

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