Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mea Culpa? Seriously??

Many of you in the food allergy community are well aware of Joel Stein. He wrote a pretty inflammatory piece about peanut allergies in the LA Times last year.

I think I speak for most FA parents when I say I wanted to punch him in the face upon reading said article.

Well, in a brilliant karmic event, Joel's son was diagnosed with food allergies recently. 

Ok, maybe I'm being harsh when I say brilliant - I really wouldn't wish membership to this club on anyone.  But in some strange way, he's on the receiving end of it now. 

So in this week's Time magazine (it's on newstands now - I just read it in the grocery store - or you can subscribe online), he writes what he calls his "Mea Culpa" about the whole thing.

And you know what? 

I thought it was lame. 

I know he's trying to be funny, but it still rang hollow to me.  I think he had a great opportunity to say something a bit more responsible and just completely sidestepped it. 

What about you guys?


Anonymous said...

Allergies can be part of anyone's life, no matter what stance you take on them.

Now, Mr. Stein, I wish you the best as you have to scour the internet for peanut free laws & products, meet with teachers regarding peanut policy in the classroom, read every label that your child could possibly come in contact with, numerous visits to the doctor/Epi Pen refills, planning ahead of every event that your child is going to attend and last but not least, trying to educate others (as you know, Mr. Stein, this will be your most difficult task ahead).

But the silver lining through this maze are sites like this that make me feel that I can do it. Thank you Peanut Free Mama!!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

How about "I'm sorry I was a jackhole. I was wrong". That would have been nice. And yes, I did want to punch him in the face. I bought the magazine, and now I wish I had a bird to line a cage with his "article". He's not funny to me and neither are any of food allergy pieces. I hope he finally "gets it" for his son's sake.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? He can't survive without nuts in the house? Urgh. Made my blood boil.

Marianne said...

I thought it was pretty lame too. And the story isn't getting the attention the first one did. I sometimes think everyone I know read that issue of Time.

Velma said...

I hate to say it, but my first thought was, "Wait until that kid is in pre-school and he and all his pre-school friends are gummy and sticky and snotty and still sticking everything in their mouths. Then we'll see who is demanding the nut-free classroom, won't we?" His kid is still so young - he has no idea what he will be dealing with. I wouldn't wish a severe food allergy on my worst enemy.