Thursday, February 25, 2010

Peanut Allergy: How do you guarantee peanut free food?

Why, grow it yourself! No chance of cross contamination there, now is there?

I mentioned this week that I'll be planting a garden this spring. I am hoping to have produce to eat as well as can for the winter.

Well, a little research turned up this site (if you click on the link, I think you'll just happen to see what I am planting this year). They also have a plan for a high yield garden, but I'm not a fan of alot of the veggies they suggest. Check the site out - it's pretty cool!

Now I just need to decide if I want to buy seedlings or start seeds on my own. I think I'm going for the easier route unless I can't find seedlings.

Planting time can't come soon enough for me :)


Anonymous said...

good luck--i want to do this, too! (but, be careful, i know some soil has peanut in it!)

Happy Frog said...

gardening is such fun! you will all love it! We started our gardens last year (read Square foot gardening - by mel bartholomew - library surely has a copy you can request) and it's easy!! Great for the kids to be involved in.

My oldest kid is ana to peanut and all nuts. middle kid is allergic to fish/shellfish (not ana yet - but he's the proud owner of epi pens as well)

We cook from scratch most everything - esp since I'm a celiac it just makes sense for us. Safer all around. And the food tastes better, too w/o all the additives.

Sunbutter has been a wonderful sub in our household for peanut butter - and I've used it in everything from buckeyes to baked goods - simple sub! And most folks can't tell the difference unless you say something - and even then, some don't believe you. *grin*

Glad I found your blog. Interesting read.

Oh, and my kid is neg on RAST but is now +4 on skin for nuts - and every year the skin reacts stronger. My allergist used to have hopes for us, too on the outgrowing of the allergy, but I suppose that might not happen for us. (he's 6 now).