Friday, December 18, 2009

Things I've Been Doing....

Things I've Been Making:
- Fruit cake
- Fleur de Sel Caramels
- A List (and checking it twice) - Ha Ha! Sorry I had to throw that one in for the holidays.

Things I've Been Contemplating:
- The 6 rib prime rib (only about 10 pounds of 49 grams of fat per serving MEAT) I just ordered for Christmas Eve Dinner. I've never made prime rib before. Is it easy? Please assure me that I'm not setting myself up for disaster! This is the recipe I think I'm using. Gah!
- Making B's annual allergy checkup in January. She's been begging NOT to have one. Can't say I blame her - those skin test are itchy mo flickers!
- the last day of school was today: NO REACTIONS even though there were plenty of opportunities for it. so thankful.

Things I've Been Doing:
- Letting B taste Nutella for the first time (her eyes just about BUGGED out of her head). Don't worry, her doctor said it was ok to try a small taste and go from there. She has tested negative in both blood and skin tests. No reaction. Whew.
- Ice skating in Union Square, San Francisco

Things I'm Regretting:
- The 10 lbs I've gained since I turned 40. Back on the Shred this week now that I don't have to hustle B off to school in the mornings for the next two weeks.
- Letting B taste Nutella for the first time. What can of worms did I open up???

What are you guys up to?


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Awesome on the Nutella!! Even though all signs pointed to negative I bet you were nervous. I know I would be.
I hear ya on the weight gain. That whole "it's harder to lose weight after 40" thing is so true. I've started my new years resolution already. I need to lose a few or 10 pounds so why wait? And now that the boys are home from school it should give me more work out time.
Your beef recipe looks yummy. I may have to look into that further :)

Anonymous said...

B is not allergic to tree nuts?