Monday, August 17, 2009

MAC Lipstick and Sesame Allergy

I picked up a new shade of MAC lipstick yesterday (OK, the color is 'photo' if you must know the shade) at the mall and as I was looking at the label (don't all Peanut Allergy moms read every single, dingle label??!) I noticed that this color contains Sesame Oil.

So, if you, or anyone you smooch, has a sesame allergy you should probably avoid it. Not sure if all MAC shades contain the same ingredients? Thank goodness B isn't allergic to sesame - not sure if I could live without my MAC (yeah, you're right, I probably would be fine).

And don't forget to check your other makeup products before you buy them, just in case. Nut oils (and in this case sesame oil) can be in all sorts of things.


Christelle said...

Hello. I just found your blog after searching about the RAST test. My son reacted to peanuts last month- he is 14 months old now. We live in Japan and none of the doctors mentioned how serious this allergy could get or what else to avoid (except one said sesame seeds could be dangerous after I asked). I cried when I first found your site and read the How did you get here post. I haven't had time to read everyone's stories but I plan to. I feel overwhelmed and stressed and scared- but I'm starting the uphill battle of trying to make the people around me '(and my son) aware and trying to figure out what we should be avoiding (checking labels in Japanese!) and trying to formulate a plan in case of another attack (the doctor said his first attack was "weak"- his whole face swelled up and stayed swollen til the next day and he had hives and the rash that came three hours later went down to his thighs within ten minutes of eating a SMALL amount of peanut butter- no one mentioned that the next attack could be much worse- I found that out on the net myself A MONTH LATER after seeing an article in a magazine about peanut allergic kids. Thank you for having this blog. I hope as I become more of an expert I will be able to help other mothers and allergy sufferers here in Japan. (I'm Canadian). I haven't even started checking out the ingredients on my makeup! I know this will get easier- but right now I just feel sad, scared and overwhelmed. Thanks for listening.

Gabrielle (aka Peanut Free Mama) said...

Christelle - You are not alone at all!! I know exactly how you are feeling - please email me directly at if you need to chat. I started an online support group on yahoo (it's called peanutfreesf - but it's open to all allergies) - please join us! It could be a good resource for you - we have folks from all over, not just the San Francisco area.

Anishaxoxo said...

Thank you so much for posting this! I'm ana to sesame and nuts so it's a pain when i want to try a new lipstick shade! x