Monday, July 27, 2009

School is Starting Soon. Yikes.

In about a month, B will be an official Kindergartner.

I'm freaking out. School + Peanut Allergy = One Scared Mama.

Haven't spoken to her principal or her teacher about the measures we'll put in place to keep her safe during the day. There's no summer school where she goes (thank you California budget cuts!) so they are closed. I'm hoping they open in early August so I can get a quick meeting in.

Haven't spoken to her after school care either, although she's going to their summer program for a few days in the next few weeks to get her accustomed to the place. At least I know I can take care of that one well before the first day of school.

I'm falling down on the job. Why didn't I take care of this in May?!?

More soon.


Jane Anne said...

If it helps you feel better, I met with the Principal and school nurse in May and the Principal again in June and I am still "One Scared Mama". That equation may always be true. My PA son starts K at the end of August. The summer is going too fast.

Gabrielle (aka Peanut Free Mama) said...

School nurse? What is this being you speak of?? B's school doesn't even have a nurse!

Jennifer B said...

My PA son is also beginning Kindergarten in September. It is scary. There are 2 upsides for us: 1) same building he attended preschool at and 2) the school seems to be full of allergic children and epipens. It's the darnedest thing.

Hang in there--we'll get through it.

Anonymous said...

sounds like my situation. G starts the pre-k program at the same elementary school that her brother and sister now attend. I have not spoken with them yet officially. why? b/c they did not want to hear it yet, back in May.There is also no nurse on site. However she will be one of 5 peanut allergic kids in the group. They say this is rare but should make it easier to deal with since the teachers will address the entire group the same way.
I have considered NOT sending her here, but to a smaller preschool type setting where she may be watched more closely but be the only one allergic...
NOT SURE WHAT TO DO!!!??? do I have to send her at all!?

Copeland Crew said...
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ChupieandJ'smama said...

I haven't spoken to ours either, other than to let them know that if you don't do what I say you may kill my kid (well, not exactly that but that was the gist of it). We were supposed to get together in May but they haven't called me yet. Ironically I ran into the Kindergarten teacher last week at my sons swim lessons (she's a nanny in the summer for one of the school families) and she said she hasn't forgotten about me, she had gotten busy and is now waiting for her room to get back together (Ok, lame excuse but at least she remembers who I am, right?). I'm freaking! But I don't even have my action plan totally together. I wish we lived closer so we could brain storm over coffee/wine/whiskey.

alison said...

Ha! I have the same anxiety, and just wrote a to-do list on my blog. I haven't done a single thing on it yet! And surely I have missed many things, so please contribute to it if you can think of anything.

Following Him said...

Ok, fellow ANA rxn person here to give you a few tips.
** Call the school and leave a message with the admin that you need to schedule an appointment.
** Get a signed letter from your pedi or allergist stating the severity of B's allergy.
** Create an Allergy action plan & have epis and benedryl at school, just in case.
** Ask for the classroom to be free of food.
** If there is a birthday party coming, ask to be notified so you can provide an alternative treat.

If you need anymore help, let me know. I am ANA to so much that the school system's fight and I still reminds me daily.

Anonymous said...

Maybe consider a 504 plan?

My wife and I looked into it for our food allergic daughter who also enters Kindergarten this year. In the end, after talking with the Principal and other school officials, including the nurse, we decided it may not be necessary.

We're still both very anxious, though.

Anonymous said...

I am a teacher in MA (used to be 1st grade, but 5th now) I have a 20 month PA in daycare at our High School. The school is great. Nurses on staff ready to use epipen as needed and in a room w/o any nuts. As a teacher, May is a crazy month and thinking about the next year is tough. An August appointment would be best. With the prevalence of allergies these days, I think most schools and staff are ready to accommodate. Fear is natural, but I think with communication ahead of time and consistent involvement in your child's education, things will be just fine.

Nancy R said...

My youngest, and only PA, is starting K next week.

We have no school nurse either.

However, I've met with the principal AND I've spoken with the K teacher and have a meeting set up with the principal and the cafeteria, while I don't feel READY, I feel like I'm as ready as I can be right now.

Nancy R said...

Oh, and my kiddo - the first peanut allergic kid the school has ever had...yeep!

Anonymous said...

My 7 yr old DD is severely peanut/nut allergic and she starts 2nd grade this yr. Another wave of parents to alert about her food allergy. Best wishes to you and your child for an reaction-free experience- I know it can/will be nerve wracking! Here's a tip for those bday cupcakes that other kids bring in: I pack a bag of safe treats for my DD so she has her own when those bday cupcakes get brought in.