Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ATT: Peanut Allergy Angle

Have any of you guys seen this?

The screen shot is terrible (click the image to see the actual page), but it says "Top Reasons Why a Home Phone is Important" and one of the bullets says: "For that time you discovered you were allergic to peanuts".

At first I was a little unsure about the ad (is it me or did you feel icky too?), but they make a good point. Calling 911 from a land line does ensure that emergency services can more efficiently pinpoint your location.


Nicole said...

At first I was a little taken aback and thought, "Should this bother me?" But I'm going to think positively instead. People are beginning to hear more and more about peanut allergy so maybe it's something familiar. Also, honestly, my son's peanut allergy is probably the number on reason we still have a landline in our house. I want emergency responders to know exactly where to find us.

The Food Allergy Coach said...

I'm with you - "ick" at first, but then maybe it's a good thing that is another example of food allergy awareness in the main stream.

Marianne said...

That's why we kept a landline. But I worry that this might feed the idea that we all make up the severity of our children's allergies. (I wish it really was that I was overprotective and bored.) My mom thinks any awareness is good and that you can't help what stupid people think, you just have to eduacte the rest. But that ad made me cringe when I saw it. Today it doesn't bother me, but I'm still reeling from the realization that my ped doesn't really get what the fuss is about. So I'm in educate mode.