Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Lesson: Always be Diligent about Labels

So I did something REALLY stupid over the weekend.

We went out to the grocery store and picked up the usual staples for the week. I'm transitioning to a vegetarian-esque diet so I was picking up tofu and noodles in the produce section and noticed all the meat alternatives. Score! I could replace some of our meat with soy substitutes and maybe noone in the house would be the wiser.

So I grabbed some mock meat. Checked out and we came home to eat some lunch.

B got some mock chik'n nuggets. She gobbled them up with some secret sauce (organic ketchup and vegenaise - oops my secret's out!) and told me how much she was liking them.

I was feeling very proud of myself.

Until I wasn't.

I realized I had put these on her plate and NEVER checked the label!!! So what did I do?

I FREAKED of course and ran to the fridge.

We lucked out. No nuts. Phew.

But I felt really stupid (we're not allowed to use that word in our house, but in this case it's appropriate). And lucky.

After all these years I couldn't believe that I slipped up and didn't check - especially since it was a new product we'd never had before. Argh!

The lesson here: NEVER let down your guard. Keep reading those labels. Thankfully this wake up call wasn't accompanied by Benadryl and a shot of epinephrine.


p.s. I could go on and on about Vegenaise. Where has this product been my whole life? It's incredible!!! So tasty and none of that grassy funk of regular mayo. Vegan, so no eggs or milk. But it does have soy. Says they are gluten free. I highly recommend it.


wenat said...

I love soy, but I was a little freaked out by the Mothering story on soy --

So now my kids get soy milk and soy ice cream, but I do try to limit their soy intake to a reasonable amount.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

So glad that everything was fine and reaction free. I've done that too. It's like a brain lapse. So scary :(
We just opened our first jar of Vegenaise last week. I like it. It's much better than the Nayonaise we were using. I tried to make my own egg free mayonnaise, but it failed miserably.

Pez said...

I am glad that everything was ok. I have so totally done that myself. In fact, the other day while we were on vacation in Maui (far from a hospital!), we went to a steakhouse and ordered a deep fried appetizer and after the waiter left, peanut-allergic son reminded me that we forgot to tell the waiter about his allergy. I called the waiter back over and told him. Turns out they use PEANUT OIL in the restaurant. I felt like a shitty mom. We canceled the appetizer and only ordered food that was not fried (better for us anyway).

Jane Anne said...

I am glad that everything was okay. I am disenchanted with labels right now but I am not going to stop being diligent in reading them. (My son had an allergic reaction to a cake that did not have a nut allergy warning: Please read: Cack Wreck)

Jane Anne said...

Oh, geez, that link was supposed to read "Cake Wreck"

Raissa said...

Hi Gab,

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