Sunday, November 9, 2008

Thanks for Nothing Martha

Hey, do any of you remember the whole brouhaha with Martha Stewart and her contest for a new publication?

If you remember correctly, you'll remember that a publication geared towards food allergens won but then they were lame-o-lo and decided to publish a magazine devoted to all things pets (don't get me wrong, I love animals, but a whole publication?).

I digress.

So the food allergy publication got 57% of the votes online, but didn't actually 'win'. Instead Martha said they would be incorporating allergy aware recipes in their publications.

Um. I don't think so. I get MSL and Everyday Food and I haven't seen a thing to show that they've changed their approach to helping this market segment.

I work in publishing and I know that she's had more than enough lead time to incorporate this into her layout. And don't get me started on the cookie recipe I got in my email this week. Chocolate 'Surprise' indeed - surprise!! have an anaphylactic reaction sweetie! I just love it when peanut butter is hidden in foods - what a treat!

Martha, will you keep your word on any of this, please? Would it kill you to list at the beginning of your recipes something like "Contains: Wheat, Tree Nuts, Peanuts, Milk", etc? And while you're at it, does every other dessert recipe of yours have to have nuts in it?

I think you'd win some fans back.

Just sayin'.

Maybe it's just me. Have YOU noticed a difference?

Updated 11/10: THIS is what I think would be great on her site - check out the 'ingredient' list under the recipe name. If Food Network can do it Martha, why can't YOU?


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking about this the other day.. I haven't seen anything, it was such a rip the way she got around doing what she said she would. I had so many people voting and really into it, huge dissapointment!!

Anonymous said...

Me too! I was on there voting my butt off - and so excited (as OBVIOUSLY so many others were). Maybe if someone else - who is IN PUBLISHING should take a tip from this and take the lead for a new publication. Obviously Martha's name would generate some attention but just the cause alone might do the trick. I'd sure love to see something! And FUN stuff - make it kinda 'martha style' - just WITHOUT THE NUTS!
Newfoundland, Canada

Dorm Mom said...