Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Non Food Uses for Peanuts

From the American Peanut Council:

Non Food Uses for Peanuts:

The shells, skins and kernels of peanuts may be used to make a vast variety of non-food products. For example, the shells may be used in wallboard, fireplace logs, fibre roughage for livestock feed and kitty litter; and, the skins may be used for papermaking. Peanuts are often used as an ingredient in other products such as detergent, salves, metal polish, bleach, ink, axle grease, shaving cream, face creams, soap, linoleum, rubber, cosmetics, paint, explosives, shampoo, and medicine.
Who knew?

The one that really struck me was kitty litter. We're contemplating getting a cat and that's the last thing I thought I would need to worry about.


Elaine said...

It has been so nice to see you post every day. Great information you are passing along.

Pez said...

We found out that walnut shells are used in Duralogs. Who knew?!

Knowing that peanut parts are used in wall boards, paper, bleach, etc is a little scary.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

The Little Man is allergic to EVERYTHING. So the boys are bummed that they can't get a dog or cat. Last year I looked into hamsters, guinnea pigs, etc, but all of their food had the possibility to contain peanuts or traces of peanuts etc. They were so sad.

SpudBerry said...

Dog food & treats are a biggy to watch out for. You have to watch out if any dogs come up and lick your child's face - their owner might have just fed them peanut butter. When we have to take our dog to the kennel - we have to make sure they understand how important it is that they not feed our dog any treats.

Just one more little thing to be paranoid about!