Saturday, November 15, 2008

How to Annoy Me...

Should picky eaters fake allergies?
from Serious Eats

I'm sure you know my answer to this, but you should read the comments to see how everyone else feels.

People faking a food allergy just so they don't get something they don't like the taste of on their food makes it that much harder for those of us who have just a little more at risk (like our child's life).


Following Him said...

This makes me SO SO SO MAD!!! What is wrong with those who do not actually have an allergy! Seriously, they have no idea what allergy people are in for!

Nicole said...

That is simply ridiculous. I haven't heard of people doing this, but it's absolutely ridiculous that people would.

Marjorie said...

well, I don't know about the man in the linked post, but I know my mom is tempted to tell her own mother she is allergic to shellfish. Her mom is always urging her to eat shellfish and my mom is always declining. She does not like the taste. What if she really is allergic?

All I know is my DD told me she didn't like peanut butter and I thought she was being finicky. Turns out she is extremely allergic. Maybe that is the case with some of these 'fakers' maybe they do have undiagnosed allergies. And, what if their requests have the effect of making servers and restaurants more aware of allergies? (I admit, I only glanced at the linked post, maybe this really is outrageous)

Candice said...

I didn't look at your link, but in an episode of Sex in the City, Carrie pretends she's allergic to parsley becasue she hates. Information you needed, right??

FYI, numerous times my son Graham would refuse a new food, only to get hives 5 mintes later. Isn't that something??

Anonymous said...

What this person is really saying is not, "I believe my taste aversion is equal in status to an allergy." What they are saying is, "I know you normally do not pay attention to what people want on their food, and you screw up about one of every four or five orders you make. The only way I can think of to make you pay attention is to make you afraid you will be sued if you do not."

If these places employed people at even a few dollars above minimum wage, this problem might go away. But then they might have to get rid of the Dollar Menu.