Friday, November 28, 2008

Black Friday

Today is the traditional day to go out and spend money on Christmas gifts. We wont be participating since we'll be driving from Phoenix to California, for the first leg of our drive home from Thanksgiving with Mark's dad.

I was listening to NPR this week and heard a local story about the state of food banks in the San Francisco Bay Area - how the need for food is increasing (some folks have been turned away!) and the amount of donations are decreasing.

Mark and I support our local Second Harvest throughout the year, but I'm sure there are groups close to you that do the same thing.

I know we all worry about our children eating peanuts or wheat or shellfish or dairy, but what if we had to worry if they were going to eat at all?

This isn't the best year for a lot of us, I realize that, but even a can or two of food at your local supermarket donation bin will make a difference.

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